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My background: I’ve spent my entire career in early childhood education; I worked in preschools, after-school programs, elementary schools, then for five years as a kindergarten and first grade teacher! Right now I’m lucky enough to be spending some time as a stay-at-home mom to twin boys. As a teacher I really enjoyed themed teaching, and hands-on activities that encouraged kids to be readers, artists and scientists! I am passionate about being creative and making learning fun and exciting for kids!

How affiliate links work: I have partnered with Amazon so that if you click a link from this site and purchase something, I will get a small percentage of the profits. It does not cost you anything!! I will only link to items that we have and think are worth owning. It’s a way for me to help support my time at home with the boys, but you are under NO obligation to buy anything!! My primary purpose for writing this blog is not to make money- it’s to share helpful ideas with other parents and teachers. This is just a way to generate a small amount of income without having annoying adds cluttering up the site or asking people to pay for content. If you have any questions about how affiliate links work, feel free to contact me!

Disclaimer: The activities I describe are ones that I have personally done with my own children or students and found to be safe and successful. However, as a parent, guardian, or teacher it is your responsibility to decide if you think the activities are safe for the children in your care. Feel free to consult your pediatrician if you are not sure if an activity is appropriate for your child. Reasonable caution should always be exercised with anything that could become a choking hazard, and with craft supplies that have the ability to harm a child. It is your responsibility to supervise the children in your care and prevent them from hurting themselves.The author disclaims responsibility for any accident or injury that occurs while engaging in activities described here.


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