Paint With Your Baby!

Just because your baby can’t hold a paint brush doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy participating in an art project!

And it doesn’t have to be messy, either! This fun project lets your baby have some hands-on artistic fun… and the best part is, the result will be a beautiful decorative piece for your nursery or playroom!

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You will need;

-A drop cloth or other way to protect the floor

A canvas (if it’s not brand new and wrapped in plastic, you will also need a large bag or plastic wrap)

Painter’s tape

Acrylic paint

Once you’ve gathered your materials, take some time to set up without your baby, either at nap time or when they’re happily playing with toys in your view, but far enough away that they can’t reach!

Step 1- Lay down something to protect the floor

(I used some plastic sheeting from when I painted our playroom recently)

Step 2. Prepare your canvas

If it’s new and came wrapped in plastic, carefully cut an “H” in the plastic on the back

Then turn it over and carefully peel the plastic back from the front, leaving it intact

If your canvas didn’t come wrapped in plastic, make sure you have a bag or piece of plastic wrap that will cover the whole thing in one sheet.

Step 3. Use your painter’s tape to make a design

Since this’ll be hanging in our playroom, I wrote the word “play”, but you could also make your child’s name, a symbol, or any other design you like.

Step 4. Sprinkle paint over the canvas

I put mine in a rainbow pattern, but the color choice is really up to you! You could use colors that match your decor or that your child likes. To avoid a muddy effect, make sure to think about what will happen if two adjacent colors mix together- for example, if you put blue next to yellow you’ll have some green in the middle, but if you put red next to green you’ll have areas of brown.

You don’t want giant puddles of paint, but make sure there’s enough to cover the whole canvas when it’s spread out!

Step 5- Pull your plastic carefully back over the top of the canvas

Securely tuck in the edges.

Step 6- Let your baby squish!

Make sure you watch them carefully so they don’t pull the plastic off the top. If you want, you can help make sure all the paint gets spread around! Have fun! If the plastic starts to peel away or your baby isn’t enjoying themself anymore, remove them from the activity again.

Step 7- Peel the plastic back

Once your baby is safely out of reach, carefully pull the plastic off of your canvas.

Step 8- Remove the tape

Peel off the painter’s tape to reveal your design!

Step 9- Hang and enjoy!

Your walls will thank you!

A Variation;

If rainbows aren’t your thing, you can also make a galaxy- themed painting!

Start with dots of dark and light blue, purple, and black (I used my baby’s initial for this one)


Wrap it with bubble wrap!

And squish!

Carefully pull the bubble wrap off so it leaves the texture behind, and sprinkle with glitter (if you’re feeling brave!)

Remove the tape. Hang and enjoy!

What kind of painting will you do with your baby? What colors or designs will you use?

Leave a comment and let me know!

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