Awesome Gift Books for Every Kid on your Christmas List!

Yikes! The holidays are right around the corner, and if you’re like me, you’re probably scouring Amazon right now for great gift ideas! If you have kids on your Christmas list this year- babies through teenagers- books might be just the gifts you’re looking for. Books make fabulous Christmas presents because they’re relatively cheap, they’re fun, and they have educational value as well! Instead of wasting your money on yet another toy that will clutter up the house, why not stock a child’s bookshelf with some high quality literature?

There are way too many awesome books out there for me to list them all in one post, but I’m hoping to point you in the right direction.

If the kids in your life are

Any Age

They might like;

These must-have bedtime stories

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This collection of sweet, soothing stories is a wonderful way for children to end the day.

These gorgeous song books

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Babies and kids love music, and these beautifully illustrated books bring some classic songs to life. The tiny humans in your life are guaranteed to enjoy them over and over.

If the kids in your life are

Babies and Toddlers

They will especially like;

The Best Bouncy Board Books for Babies


Board books are great gifts for babies and toddlers because they can manipulate them without causing any damage. These books have exciting text and bright colorful pictures, and are sure to hold their attention.

This Pantone:Colors song book hack!


This is just one book- it’s not a list- but it’s so cool it deserves it’s own spot. Check it out!

If the kids in your life are


They will especially like;

These awesome rhyming picture books

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Did you know that being able to understand rhyming words is an important early literacy skill? Either way, these books are fun for kids, soothing to listen to, build a sense of rhythm- and have great pictures and stories as well!

The Ultimate Guide to Children’s Books about Firefighters!

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Boys AND girls will love reading the best firefighter children’s books from this massive list- written by a teacher and certified firefighter to help you find good quality books that are also accurate!

If the kids in your life are

School Age

They will especially like;

Children’s Books That Get Everyone Giggling!

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This set of funny stories have humor that appeals to children and adults! You won’t regret buying the books on this list- even if you get stuck reading them over and over (and you might!).

EPIC Nonfiction Books for Older Kids

This collection of amazing nonfiction books makes learning fun for school aged kids and beyond! Even adults will be drawn to this collection! They feature amazing illustrations, engaging text, and cool facts for kids and nerds of all ages! They also make great educational gifts or additions to your classroom library! #giftbooks #nonfictionbooks #smartkids #childrensbooks #educationalgifts

This collection of books features stunning photographs and illustrations, and amazing facts about a wide variety of topics. Even adults will enjoy and learn from these amazing texts.

Did you find any books here that you liked? Leave a comment and let me know?

If you’re planning on stocking your home library with tons of amazing children’s books- good for you! Do you have a plan to store them all? If not, make sure to check out these Tips for Storing Books so your Kids will Want to Read Them!

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