No-Mess Painting on the Light Table

If you don’t have a light table already, make one now! (Seriously! Directions here: EASY DIY 2-in-1 Light Table and Sensory Bin!)

If you do have one already, like me, you may be looking for some exciting new activities to do with it.

This NO-MESS painting in a bag activity is perfect for;

-babies that are still mouthing and can’t manage real paint (that’s us right now!)

-toddlers that you don’t want getting messy

-preschoolers learning about color mixing

-older kids who would enjoy drawing and writing in the paint!

It’s super easy to put together, too!

All you need is your light table, a gallon-size ziplock bag (preferably the freezer kind- they’re slightly more durable), tempera paint, and painter’s tape.

Here are the steps;

1. Set your bag on the light table, open it wide, and place dots of paint in a row

I did all the colors in rainbow order. They did eventually mix together and turn brown. If you want it to look nice longer you should probably stick with one family of colors like yellow, green, and blue).

2. Gently press to get the extra air out of the bag, seal it, and tape it to the light table with painter’s tape

3. Turn your light table on and invite your kids in to play!

It doesn’t look that exciting at first… which actually makes it even more fun when they start squishing and the colors appear

4. Squish!

Check out this progression;

5. Draw and write with your finger!

If you’re feeling academic, this would be a great way to practice letters, sight words, etc.

Although it’s really simple, this activity was super fun and one I plan on repeating many times! (I even washed the bag out so we can reuse it again!)

Will you be trying this activity? Leave a comment and let me know!

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