Foam Block Prints- An Easy and Fun Process Art Activity!

The first toy I bought my twins was this fabulous set of foam blocks. I love the different colors and textures, and all the million ways they can be used (aren’t open ended toys the best?)

The Introduction

I like pairing art with books, so I introduced the activity by reading “Home” by Carson Ellis and talking about different types of buildings and how we might create pictures of buildings with different shapes.

Time to Create!

I had been planning for a while to do some sort of printing activity, and when I saw these homemade stamp pads from Paging Fun Moms, it seemed like a perfect fit! Make sure to check out her tutorial to see how you can make your own!

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Once we had our homemade stamp pads ready to go, we lined them up, along with a plate for each color of blocks. We decided to only print each color with that color block- but since each color in this set of blocks also has a consistent texture, you may want to let your kiddos use any block they want to print with different colors so they can experiment with the textures.

Once everything was set, the kids got to work! They used both the textured sides and the flat edges of the blocks to create all sorts of buildings!

How cool are those?

This is definitely an activity we’ll be coming back to again and again. Although the shape of the blocks really lends itself to architectural designs, you could use them to create so many other kinds of pictures as well! It would also be really cool to go back later and add other details with crayons, markers or colored pencils. This would also be a great activity to reinforce a geometry unit!

What designs would your kids make with this method?

Leave a comment and let me know!

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