AlphaBuddies In Color: Free Printable Readers!

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I had so much fun making my DIY felt AlphaBuddies that I thought it would be fun to take them on some adventures! As a kindergarten teacher, I’m always looking for fun ways to familiarize kids with letters and sight words, and printable readers are great because they’re easy, cheap, and interactive!

These “color-your-own” printable readers introduce each letter of the alphabet in silly, “AlphaBuddy” form. The text includes common kindergarten sight words, and gradually gets more complex as it moves through the alphabet according to the order that letters are introduced in the Wilson “Fundations” reading program (For example, the first one says “Blue T” and the last one is “I like this blue Q”) Each book follows a predictable pattern to support emergent readers.

These readers can be part of a balanced literacy program; as a center activity, a guided reading book, or a fun homework assignment! They’d be great for homeschooling, for preschool, or just for extra practice! You can even use these books to build vocabulary and imagination by having the children draw in backgrounds behind the letters and add props to their hands with drawings or stickers. Together, you can discuss what the letters are up to!

To assemble the books:

  1. Print double sided (choose “long edge binding”).
  2. Cut in half horizontally. Lay the pages out so that the cover page is on the bottom facing down and pages 3 and 4 are on the top facing up
  3. Fold in half vertically and staple the pages together in the middle. I HIGHLY recommend using a saddle stapler (If you don’t have one, this is the cheapest one I could find) so you can staple directly in the center and avoid pinching the edge of the pages together.
  4. Let students color. If you won’t be sitting with them and they don’t know their color words already, here is a simple Color Word Cheat Sheet in the same font for them to reference!
  5. Read together!

If you need somewhere special to store the books when you’re done reading them, you can try making some of my Easy DIY Book Boxes!

Below you will find each letter of the alphabet in an individual document. If you would prefer the convenience of downloading the whole set at once, you can head over to my Teachers Pay Teacher store to buy the complete collection for $2.00.

Terms of Use: These readers are FREE to download and reproduce as many times as you want for use in your own home or classroom. If you want to share them, you MUST link back to this blog post or to my TPT store, not to the individual documents. 

And without further ado-

Alphabuddies A in Color

Alphabuddies B in Color

Alphabuddies C in Color

Alphabuddies D in color

Alphabuddies E in Color

Alphabuddies F in Color

Alphabuddies G in Color

Alphabuddies H in Color

Alphabuddies I in color

Alphabuddies J in Color

Alphabuddies K in Color

Alphabuddies L in Color

Alphabuddies M in Color

Alphabuddies N in Color

Alphabuddies O in Color

Alphabuddies P in Color

Alphabuddies Q in Color

Alphabuddies R in Color

Alphabuddies S in Color

Alphabuddies T in Color

Alphabuddies U in Color

Alphabuddies V in Color

Alphabuddies W in Color

Alphabuddies X in Color

Alphabuddies Y in Color

Alphabuddies Z in Color

Enjoy and happy reading! Make sure to share with a friend or teacher!

If you’re looking for more printable readers, make sure to check out my Washi SHAPES! Free printable Reader. You can also get my reader “The Firefly Who Couldn’t Glow” for free when you sign up for my email list! It’s meant to be read under a black light- find out more about that here: 5 Ways Black Lights Make Learning Awesome!

Another great resource for free printable readers is The Measured Mom- check out her collection here.

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