Baby Bottle Rainbow Rattles and Glitter Jars

Do you have any old baby bottles hanging around?

I happen to have a massive collection of four ounce bottles from my twins’ NICU days. The hospital discarded them after one use, and the crafty mama in me just couldn’t stand seeing them go to waste so I saved them on their way to the trash. However, even if I didn’t, we have a bunch of baby bottles shoved in a cabinet- mostly free samples from registry gift bags and the like. How many of you have the same stash? Or a pile of bottles your toddler has grown out of? Let’s face it, baby bottles are not something that people really want second hand!

So why not turn them into some cool rattles and glitter jars in an exciting rainbow of colors? These little jars are the perfect size for toddler hands and they look adorable!Baby bottle rainbow rattle and glitter jars use old baby bottles and upcycle them into fun rainbow toys!

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You’ll need:

-Baby bottles with screw on lids (6 per set if you want to do all the colors). If you don’t have used ones to upcycle, this is the brand I used, but any small recycled bottle would work. If you want slightly larger bottles, Voss Water bottles are the gold standard in the sensory bottle world.

-Food coloring: I had the McCormick Basic set and for the glitter jars I bought the Neon. I would suggest you do the same- You really can’t get a good purple with just the basic four colors.

-Clear liquid hand soap- get the cheapest refill bottle you can find!

-Colored glitter- I got a set of little packages at Walmart but this set would work too!

-dry white rice

-dry white beans

Gorilla glue (or other super glue)

Colored Sharpies (optional)

To make the glitter jars,

start by lining up your six bottles;

NICU moms can save breastmilk storage bottles and make them into DIY baby toys!

(If your bottles have labels printed on the side, HappyMoneySaver has a great tutorial for removing them here.)

Fill them a little less than halfway with the hand soap.

Baby bottles make perfect sensory bottles that are just right for baby hands!

Then add the same amount of water, leaving a little empty space at the top.

Hand soap and water makes perfect calm-down jars; upcycled baby bottles are the perfect size! Toddlers will love them!

Drop in about one drop of food coloring per ounce

(I used more than that but mine came out too dark.) You can adjust if it doesn’t seem like enough. You may need a little extra with light colors like yellow and green.

A set of rainbow sensory bottles made from recycled materials!

Then the fun part- add some colored glitter to each jar!

Adding glitter to sensory bottles (aka calm down jars) makes them sparkly and perfect for helping toddlers calm down after tantrums

Once you are satisfied, it’s time to glue on the lids!

Start at the top of the threads on the jar and spread the glue around one full circle, then stop. I used Gorilla glue, which expands when it sets, so I didn’t want it puffing out from the bottom of the lid.

Baby bottle rainbow rattle and glitter jars use old baby bottles and upcycle them into fun rainbow toys!

Screw the lids on tightly and they’re almost ready!

Baby bottle rainbow rattle and glitter jars use old baby bottles and upcycle them into fun rainbow toys!

Optional last step- color the bottle caps with sharpie!

It made them look a lot more exciting, but whether you want to skip this step depends on the style of bottle you’re using and whether you think your child is going to mouth them- I’m guessing you don’t want them sucking on permanent marker! As always, you should decide what’s safe for your child.

Here is the finished product;

Rainbow sensory bottles with glitter

To make the rice and bean shakers:

first, dye the rice and beans rainbow colors. Dyeing rainbow rice with food coloring is great for sensory play or homemade rattles! I used the method from Asia Citro’s seriously life changing book, 150+ Screen Free Activities for Kids. You can also go to her website, “Fun at Home with Kids” to find the same tutorials for dyeing rice and beans online.

Once the rice and/or beans have dried, pour each color into its own bottle. I filled the bottles with rice about three quarters of the way, and the ones with beans about halfway, so there would be room for them to shake and rattle!

Once again, glue the lids shut and color if desired.

And voila! Your rattles are ready to go!

Dyed white beans make awesome diy baby rattles! They’re great for doing music appreciation with infants!Dyed rice makes awesome sensory bottles or baby rattles! These rainbow rattles are fun for babies to use!

These things are super fun and there are a million ways to use them! Every toddler that visits to my house gravitates towards them immediately.

Here are some of the possible uses;

-With very young babies, you can shake a rattle as you move it around so they can practice tracking objects with their eyes

-Shake them along with favorite songs

-Use them to talk about colors and sounds, compare the rice and the bean shakers to discuss “little” and “big”

-Build towers with them to see how high they can go!

-Investigate them on a light table

-Have your child shake the glitter jars when they’re upset and watch the glitter swirl as they calm down

-Play a game where you toss a blanket over the pile of shakers and secretly gather one up. Hand the bunched up blanket to your toddler and let them delight in unfolding it to discover which color you picked!

What other uses can you think of?

What kind of recycled bottles would you use to make some rainbow rattles or glitter jars? Leave a comment and let me know!

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